Who We Are

Trump Your Competition® – Dominate. Decimate. Destroy.

Hell yes, when it comes to getting you more business, admittedly, we ARE aggressive. And you’d also have to admit, your local retail automotive market is ultra-competitive as well. So much so, you need every weapon, every advantage possible.

We’re it! And we guarantee it or you owe us NOTHING!

We have our own weapons we’ve spent the last 10 years developing and refining in the online and offline war for leads, prospects and repeat customers. And we’d love to share them with you.

For instance, we have rock-solid, proven applications that…

  • Can send 80-100 new eager prospects (ups) a week through your showroom doors–starting THIS WEEK…
  • Add an extra star or two to your DealerRater, Yelp, Cars.com, Edmonds, or Google Local profile (and any other social media profile for that matter…)
  • Help you find profitable-to-sell vehicles online to sell (freeing you from the dependence overpriced auto auctions… and by the way, this is ALL AUTOMATED)
  • Practically eliminate negative reviews (What a relief!)
  • Create a constant flood of new business for your service department–your money-maker on autopilot…
  • Ingenious, yet super affordable ways to make you look like your dealership is everywhere, all the time online… wherever your customers are, there you’ll be…
  • Plus so much more we would never think of sharing here on a website…

If you can’t see how these kinds of results can’t add an extra zero to your bottom line, perhaps we’re not a fit.

But if you can… let us prove it to you. On our dime, not yours. That’s right. If you are not blown away by the increase in ups we generate for you (ultimately resulting in sales) in the first week, just say the word and you owe us NOTHING!

Go ahead and reach out and let’s discuss joining forces–helping you dominate, decimate and destroy your competition.

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