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live chat for websitesAbandoned Shopping Carts?

Customer Service Issues?

Boost Conversions!

We would like to think that our websites are complete, intuitive and user friendly to everyone who visits.  The truth is we can’t always get out in front of every concern of every visitor.  That is where live chat for your website will compliment your efforts.

Reduce Abandoned Shopping Carts

Most businesses have a high number of “shopping card abandons”… People get so the point of finalizing a purchase, and then don’t. Live chat has proven to cut shopping cart abandons up to 90% or more! That’s an instant increase in profit that you’d otherwise go without… so easily added to your bottom line. Intuit got a 211% boost in conversions just by using live chat! (ConversionXL)

Enhance your Customer Service

Obviously you can enable customers to contact you by providing chat links on your web pages.  Additionally, proactive live chat for your website enables personalized assistance just when the customer has a need. You choose when to offer proactive chat based on your parameters, such as how long customers have been on your site or how many items they have in their shopping carts.

Boost Conversions

The messages you get from your live chat will give you real insight into what is missing from your your sales page. If you are asked a question multiple times, you’ll know that information ought to be in front of your customers without being asked.

Or, give your customers a personal, real-time reminder to click the purchase button and complete the sale can dramatically increase your conversions!